Newts are a type of salamander. They often go through stages where they spend time in the water, then on land, and then back into the water. Nature is weird. Anyways, here are what we have available!


Available Newts:

This year we produced several species and will be selling them at REXPO in November 2019. We DO NOT SHIP. The species we will definitely have for sale are:

Marbled Newts (Triturus marmoratus)

These are a very colorful European species. The males develop breeding display crests every winter similar to their relatives the crested newts, but not as tall. Juveniles undergo a year long terrestrial phase. Individuals are $50.

Spanish Ribbed Newts (Pleurodeles waltl)

These are large, robust newts that are perfect for beginners. Adults can reach almost a foot long, although more commonly they max out around 8". They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and water conditions and will eat almost anything. The "ribbed" part of their name comes from their ability to eject their own ribs as a defense mechanism, although captive animals almost never do this. They are $30 for well started juveniles, wild type. Leucistics are $40.

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